Collect and take care of virtual pets.
About Me -- Mission Statement


Hi! My name is Mel. I am the creator and programmer for this game, The Menagerie Nook. This game has been over ten years in the making. I started created this game in 2011, when popular social media games were at their peak. Inspired by the craze and some old school digital pet websites, I wanted to create something that I would enjoy. Coding and artwork are very expensive and with a minimum wage job, I couldn't afford both. I can't draw so I decided to try my hand at coding. I learned to code in PHP, HTML, and CSS. I know enough to get what I need done and after ten years of chipping away at the game between jobs, school, a personal life, it's finally here.

I worked with a handful of artists and after seven years of searching, I finally found James Koenig. His consistency, professionalism, and his style of artwork has been a perfect fit for this game. He is a children's book illustrator and has published more than 50 books! If you want to see more of his unique characters check out his personal website at Freelance Fridge. Check out his Facebook link here! The other artist that contributes is Rachel Camacho! Rachel has been illustrating and doing graphic design work for 10+ years! She loves all things whimsical and fantasy, which brings the perfect touch to The Menagerie Nook. You can check out her website at:! Check out her Facebook link here!


The Menagerie Nook is an environment of casual and free play. The mission of this game is to raise money to help the game grow, support independent creators, and help animals of all kinds. We really want this game to be a relaxing environement where you play at your own speed and will feel good about putting money towards digital products. Your support means everything to us!